Trick or Treat at Agility HQ

Halloween antics were in full swing this year!

The team kicked off Halloween week by decorating the office with all sorts of spooky paraphernalia including danger banners, themed ghost and pumpkin bunting, spider webs and fake blood prints. A variety of pumpkin embellishments also made their way around the office. Everyone raided their fancy dress boxes and donned spooky outfits, a few more scary than others, with some impromptu last minute costumes.


No tricks here just lots of treat

We had a yummy selection of Halloween snacks full of sugar to keep our spirits up throughout the day (no pun intended – spirits – get it?); triple chocolate muffins and rolo spider cookies! As always the treats didn’t last long in the office. You may even spot a few furry friends wanting to get involved in all of the fun.