Agility Mo Bro’s Raise Awareness

In support of Movember and men’s mental health Agility’s Mo Bro’s took to the razor and got their fundraising on.

The Bro’s efforts this Movember were exceptional! The team at Agility got behind each bro – everyone knew and had heard about Movember and what it signified, but not necessarily the work and projects the charity do and how they help men.

Movember exists to help men live happier, healthier, longer lives – this ethos is what drives every single one of their 1,250 men’s health projects. Agility’s Mo Bro’s raised awareness and started conversations around men’s mental health; including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

Throughout the month donations were made direct to their Movember fundraising page, a sell-out tuck shop took place and an ongoing World Cup sweep stake all contributed to the grand total of £189.00 raised for the charity.

What can you do to keep the conversations going?

The following advice is from the Movember Foundation:

  1. Keep in touch with people; be sure to schedule time to catch up with friends and family on a regular basis
  2. Keep moving; staying active can help you feel good
  3. Be open; say the important things you would usually keep quiet and be present to listen when others are going through similar difficulties
  4. Understand the statistics; at 50, discuss prostate cancer with your doctor to determine whether a PSA test is appropriate for you. You should be having this conversation at 45 if you are black or have a father or brother who has prostate cancer
  5. Know your nuts; that’s right: it’s testicle time. Know what is typical for you, keep an eye out for lumps, and if anything changes down there, see a doctor right away.

Find out more about Movember at